Justin Scott

Clinical Psychologist

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“It is a joy to be hidden, and disaster not to be found.”
D.W. Winnicot

It is safer for many people to hide who they really are in order not to feel vulnerable to the world and others, it is a way of protecting themselves from being hurt. Despite this, it is still very painful when we are not known or seen by others. We really want to be found, to be understood and to be loved by others.

People seek psychological assistance for many reasons; some have difficulty adjusting to specific circumstances, and others struggle to get out of a pattern of repeating behaviour. This could lead to you experiencing difficult emotions such as feeling hopeless, alone, confused, and overwhelmed. There is help available - and with the right support and guidance you can reduce and ultimately eliminate these feelings. Investing in your psychological wellbeing can lead to a happier, more meaningful life.

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