Adjustment Difficulties

Adjusting to changes in your life can be difficult, as even positive life transitions tend to cause some stress. You will experience a notable amount of change throughout your life. Some of these are generally positive, such as marriages, births, and new jobs, although unusual stressors may accompany them. Other significant life developments, such as moving or retirement, may cause a considerable amount of stress. Those who find themselves enduring difficulty in coping with life changes may find it helpful to speak to Justin to learn to adjust to changes they cannot control.

Can change be beneficial?

Specific changes, such as starting school, a new job, or a family, can often be exciting, even when they cause some stress. Many people look forward to receiving a degree, thriving in their chosen field, or having a home and family.

Changes can influence your personal growth and dealing with a change may leave you feeling stronger, more confident, and prepared for what comes next. Even those changes that are neither anticipated nor desired might still produce a beneficial outcome.

Therapy for change

There is no distinct treatment for adjusting to change, but many different models are helpful. Talking about changes, such as a marriage, the death of a loved one, joblessness or ageing, with a clinical psychologist can be beneficial to some.

When life changes prove to be challenging and lead to stress, fear, or depression, Justin can also help you explore ways to adjust meaningfully. If you are someone who doesn't generally cope well with change, talking to Justin before a significant life event may help you prepare for it. This way, you can emotionally prepare for the change.