Grieving is a process of learning about how to live in a different world. When a loved one has died, or a relationship has ended, we need to relearn how to be with ourselves, and our loved ones without that person. We redefine our relationships with time, space and spirit. We have to manage painful feelings and create new networks of meaning that allow us to live normally, in spite of our losses.

If you’re struggling with the loss of a loved one, grief counselling can help you to address and manage the emotional pain so that you can move forward with life in this new world.

Everyone will experience grief, and while it is one of the most challenging things you will endure, bereavement counselling will help you through the process and teach you to adapt to your new circumstances.

In some instances, the feelings associated with grief can be too painful to make sense of alone. Some people struggle because they don’t have a sound support system at home. Others may have had a problematic relationship with the deceased before they passed. Some people feel like the grief is too much to carry and mask or push down the symptoms (hidden or delayed grief) or exaggerate or prolong the symptoms (exaggerated or chronic grief).

Justin has experience in grief and bereavement counselling and will help you navigate your feelings of loss, and help you find ways to express and cope with these emotions.